Hello lovely people x How do you eat your eggs?

Lina T.
I actually can’t have eggs because of allergies! But I get my protein from a good plant-based powder, which is delicious in smoothies, and from nuts and lean meats like chicken.
Tony J.
I scramble them. Fry some real butter first, add some full fat milk, then mix the eggs in a bowl first and add to the pan. Then just fry it long enough that the eggs are cooked but not dried. Serve on top of toast. Voila.
Renee N.
Different every day, i love them esspecially mixed with a bit of cheese and milk on a pan of olive oil, and some fresh veggies
Jonathan E.
I've been making french omelettes with a bit of cheese on top, and make an English muffin sandwich. I also try to always have hard boiled eggs onhand as well.
Tonya B.
I boil 3 eggs, and eat them on a bed of kale and with cucumber, sometimes I'll put them in a tomato soup, I'll try to add flavour.
Zachary U.
Any way I can get them! My favorites would be a simple fried egg (fried in olive oil) on toast, or if I’ve got extra time and have exercised I might make some scrambled eggs in butter with fresh herbs from the garden.
Valdemar X.
Hard boiled! Easy to do, can prepare a few at once, and quite easy to stomach as a breakfast. I really struggle to eat in the morning, nevermind protein… but a boiled egg feels manageable and positive, even when it’s not enjoyable.
Hunter Z.
Best thing for me: poached eggs! Lovely on itself, with salad, on a sandwich, which ever you prefer. Also, it’s light, not as fat as baked eggs and much quicker than regular boiling. You have to get a hang at poaching though, but hey… after a few times you know how to do it, it’s a new skill accomplished and you start your every day with a little work of art to be content with 😉
Same T.
Scrambled! Or sometimes when I have extra vegetables from dinner, I chop them up and save them for an omelette the next day 🙂
Clayton Z.
I really love poached eggs. They take 2 minutes and have some amazing flavor.
If I don't feel up to boiling water, then I have sunny side ups with really runny yolks.
Another favorite of mine is shakshuka, Look it up.
Nathana L S.
I eat them scrambled dry, fried, sometimes on toast, and as eggy in a basket. I like eating them slow and enjoying the flavor
Veronica E.
I always try to vary how I eat them so I don’t get bored: Boiled, grilled sunny side up, in an omelette, poached, scrambled. All are good, not using a lot of oil for cooking them
Noah Q.
Variety us best. On Sundays I do some hard boiled eggs in advance for a salad and a snack during the week. I like frittatas and poached
Marvin X.
A little butter and olive oil in a pan, get it to a medium high heat, add the egg for a crispy bottom and fry! My favourite! On some rye toast topped with a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper. One my favourite breakies!
Signe W.
I cook my eggs different every day, I boil them poach them, I even have scrambled egg and fried eggs using fry light. Sometimes I use them to make eggy bread or what some people call French toast and I serve it with fruit for breakfast it's my favourite breakfast when I am feeling down. Unfortunately I dont do omelette as I have never been any good with making them I always seem to be left with what looks like scrambled egg and ham.
Kim J.
I like poached eggs the best. Poached or boiled are supposedly higher in omega 3s than fried, owning to higher heat temperatures when frying.
Arlene F.
Poached! It’s healthier because it isn’t fried, you can cook them as runny or not as you prefer, and you can even separate more of the whites off after it’s done if you don’t like them!
Merigley I.
I normally eat my eggs over medium, with something to dip in the yolks. I like almost any kind though. My husband makes amazing silky scrambled eggs.
Jeremy E.
Hi! Many types of eggs. I don't have a favorite, it depends on my time to prepare and what I want. But usually I eat it half boiled for just 4 minutes in water, in a slice of healthy bread with advocato. I like it fried too but it's rare cause it must have butter or olive oil. Mixed are perfect too with a little bit of tomate in little squares and oreganos
Joan U.
1. Boiled. They refrigerate well and are quick to prepare after they are boiled. I eat boiled eggs just as they are or with butter and pepper, or with mayonnaise and pickles.

2. Fried.
3. In an omelette with cheese.
3. Devilled. There are many different ways of devilling an egg. I think of devilled eggs as party food.
4. Microwaved. (Either a raw egg in the special microwaving-eggs container, or a mashed boiled egg from the fridge.)

Ida G.
Usually scrambled with lots of veggies and a laughing cow cheese triangle. I really like the herb and garlic with asparagus and red peppers. Kale or spinach is also a great veggie to toss in eggs
Manuel Z.
Scrambled with garlic powder and sometimes with sliced weiners and sliced onions and sliced tomatoes and sliced jalapeños
Maja Z.
Scrambled or Sunny side up usually. I like to have mine with toast most of the time. Recently I started doing hard-boiled eggs, leaving the yolk a little soft. So many topping options! After you make a batch all you have to do is pull them from the fridge and top them with anything you want! Super quick and healthy snack or addition to any meal.
Tyrone Q.
If I’m low on time or just don’t want to get the frying pan out, my go-to is mug scrambled! Just stir up an egg or two in a mug and pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time until they're done!
Erik O.
Boiled, I don’t like my eggs runny because it’s messy and I feel like I’m not eating the egg properly. So I eat it boiled.
Ernest J.
I work early, so hard boiled during the week, and fried in butter, or coconut oil on the weekend. Although, I'm having French toast, with real Maple syrup, today.
Zenta X.
Poached eggs on toast are wonderful. I also like scrambled eggs w spinach and feta. An omelette with peppers and mushrooms sounds great.
Guta Q.
Everyday is different. Sometimes its grass fed butter with spinach, tomatoes and onions. Other times its with breakfast meats. Sometimes plain with an avocado. I usually dont eat until 11am as part of my intermitten fast so how i eat my eggs depends on where i am at that time.