During meditation, my arms are very twitchy and I feel very restless sometimes. On top of this my back starts to twinge about half way through. Is it acceptable to meditate laying down? It feels easier for me and more natural to focus on my breath.

Isavella G.
Of course it is. Meditating should be comfortable and relaxing, and can definitely be done by laying down. Whatever makes it the easiest to achieve what you set out to do during your mediation sessions should be done.
Ekaterina F.
Apparently, it doesn't matter in which position you “are allowed” to meditate. The main thing is that you are comfortable and a leg to concentrate on yourself or the purpose of your meditation. Some people lay down, some sit on a chair, some adopt the lotus pose…

Try different ones and you will find the perfect one for yourself. Good luck with it! ☺️

Katie P.
By meditating first and then listening to yoga or affirmations. Also starting the day outside with the sun and being kind to myself day by day starting with self love and stretches. Makes the rest of the day seem easy and flowy
Amy T.
It is absolutely welcome for you to meditate while lying down! Sitting up is done to achieve alertness and disway us from falling asleep during meditation. So do what feels natural and good to you. It's just as valid to meditate lying down or sitting up, with music or without. Don't hesitate to accommodate yourself!