Do you usually use the guided meditations on Fabulous or other app, or do you meditate alone by yourself?

M A.
I prefer to meditate alone either with music or in silence. I often have a lot of conscious and unconscious thoughts to process and can feel my head whirring away all day, so having one or two moments of calm to just let my head come to rest per day, is nice.
Isabella Z.
I typically use the guided meditation. My meditate to help with my anxiety, and when it’s silent my mind tends to wander and worry more. With the guided meditation I am able to check back into focus which allows me to truly relax.
Yarissa Y.
A little bit of both! There are times when I’m in the zone and I’m able to do it on my own. On the other hand when I’m not feeling it, I tend to force myself with the app to keep me in check!