Do you think exercising outside or inside is better?

Durbalino Z.
I think do exercises outside it’s better because you can see and feel the nature and this is like a recharge of energy. The body needs to watch nature. The green of the trees, the blue of the sea or sky.
Ed J.
Exercising in the sunshine is the best possible option for me. I love summer when the days are longer and I can exercise outside even after a long day at work.
Jennifer T.
I think it depends on which environment you enjoy better. If you're more motivated when looking around outside then outside is great. If you like an intimate cosy session and are very people aware then inside can be where you push yourself the best.

Larissa X.
Personally, I enjoy working out outside like a park because it keeps me motivated. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, working out inside is fine too, since Kuwait is very hot.
Deann T.
It my opinion that It depends on how you do it best . Are you the person who gets more energized by other people or is more focused alone . And if you are a dedicated and disciplined person , you do it inside when the situation doesn’t allow you to do it outside , but if you prefer outdoor exercises like waking or running, I would have done it in the nature where I could get energy from trees, sky , people and etc…
Hope that I could tell you why I think and that can help you .
Kelly R.
Depends where you live. If the air quality is good, exercising outside is the best. The best exercise is the one you will actually do.
Sophie U.
I think you should exercise where you feel more comfortable. For example in Summer I exercise outside and winter inside
Leah O.
Outside in the fresh air is revitalizing, but most workouts are inside – so if I could have my inside workouts outside (in nice weather) then the answer is outside is better.