Do you meditate at the same time every day? Why or why not?

Naja W.
actually no…not at all..,Before to sleep almost every…but for the rest of the day I meditate when I feel I need to manage my emotions. Actually now it started to be a sort of drug! I trying to living in a sort of deep contemplation in every moment! It’s seem works! 😊
Daniel W.
I do meditate at the same time every day and I do this because it fits well with my routine. Also, I like to meditate before I read near the end of the day because it calms me down so I can read for a longer amount of time. I meditate in the morning to get me relaxed before my day starts. If these are in a different place in my routine, it won’t fit right and I won’t feel the same.
Alexandra C.
I meditate at the same point of my daily morning routine, but that does not necessarily mean the exact same time. This gives me flexibility on weekends to read longer in bed.
Lya Q.
I meditate usually after yoga or at night after journaling. Sometimes though it’s the middle of the day when I need to take a moment to myself, if I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I’m learning to listen to my body and mind better and recognise when I need to calm my thoughts and be still.
Marshall W.
Not really, I don’t want to have strict routine, because it takes my breath, I want to be more spontaneous, but at the same time complete all important tasks.
Laurete P.
Yes in the morning. Meditation in the morning sets me up for my day. It grounds me and calms me before the busy day. At that time of the day I am the only one up. My house is quiet and I can enjoy the peace.
Denise J.
Within about 5 minutes of waking up is consistent but I’ll have at least 2 more sessions throughout the day near meals that are not usually at the same time.

I’ll do a quick meditation if I notice myself feeling the stress.

Ethan U.
No I don't. It's usually in the morning after my yoga, or in the evening before reading, but it may happen during the day when I feel i need a moment for myself. And i don't always go to bed or get up at the same time, it doesn't vary too much but it's not always the same exact time.
Loane S.
I didn't meditate as same time because it depends on previous day sleep..its better to have that vtime between 6 and 6.30
Mathias G.
I don 't meditate at the same time every day but at the same moment. That is, I meditate before going to sleep to help that winding down process. Also, I am increasingly able to take a 5 minutes meditation break after I feel anxious and as I stop myself from automatic responses to calm down enough to be able to think about healthy choices.
Jar T.
Since I have trouble sleeping, I meditate in bed to relax and clear my head, and only in the hypnotic voice can I fall asleep. So, basically at the same time.

I think meditation at the same time every day may be easier for us to form the habit, so we get to use breath as a tool to control emotions whenever we need.

Izzie O.
My default is to meditate in the morning as part of routine. I do it after morning hygiene and reading 15 pages. However, if circumstances don’t permit then I count a meditation that happens any time of day.
Geraldine E.
I don’t usually but I would like too, because I believe it would improve my performance. Only when I wake up and when I go to sleep is that I do what you could call meditating at the same time every day. And I strongly recommend that!
Arthur W.
Yes, in the morning I meditate using the headspace app. I really like guided meditation. If I don’t do it in the morning I tend not to get it done. Mindfulness meditation has changed my life in that it has decreased my anxiety so much, I no longer take Zoloft!
Felicia E.
Yes I meditate in the morning as I work full time and it won’t happen any other time. I fall asleep too easy in the evening. Sometimes I try to be mindful using triggers during the day eg a quick breathing exercise in the bathroom, walking meditation walking to work
Lucy P.
I try to meditate every morning to start my day. When this is impossible for some reason, I meditate later in the day.