Do you find eating a great breakfast beneficial?

Wai C.
Yes, I believe it so much. When I'm full, I can work with max energy during the whole day. My body and brain need a lot of energy to start a day with 100% power.
Arieta Q.
That depends on what you regard as beneficial and as a great breakfast. Plus, don’t forget, there is a hypothesis that it is better to not eat until you have worked and achieved something of value. For me, I find it beneficial if I’m replete enough to focus on my work until noon, but I also don’t have a great breakfast if I sit at the table in the morning tired with my eyes half-closed. In order to prevent that I need to kickstart my body to be awake first (e.g. run outdoors, pushups, cold shower).
So, in summary, a rich breakfast after I allow my body to wake up for a few minutes helps me to have the kind of day that I will consider a good day once it’s over.
Abd Nago Q.
I think starting the day with a good, healthy breakfast is like posting the first positive note for my day. It makes me want to keep up the good work