Do you do the same thing everyday? Or do you like to mix it up? Why?

Reza Z.
Certain routines I keep it exacly the same: drinking water after I wake up, the mourning skin-care, and making my bed first thing in the morning are always the same. I do them automatically and even if my brain is not fully awake, they are done perfectly the same as I want them to.
Other things I mix to both give myself time to find the proper time/way of doing something and to prevent from rotting cycle: while drinking water or making the bed are single tasks with a known result, the same is not true about my workout or my breakfast: it can be a day that I'm mentally tired or depressed so I'll go for a yoga instead of intense training or I might do the intense training and then eat a larger breakfast. Even the breakfast can be changed by season (I love grapefruit but not in summer time when I can get cherries and watermelon)
The order of my workout is also a mix to help my brain having to pay attention so that it's awaken when I'm at work.
What I can say is that, try mixing activities first to see which ones can be put on auto-pilot (those that have the same output every time they are done) and to see which order you want to do those (ex. drink water first then make your bed, or the other way around). Also, find some mix that are easy so if you cannot decide, you have an inventory to choose from. Try something new in your routine, when you feel your current one is not giving you the result you are looking for.
One last thing: try new things once a week and one at a time. Imagine different sallads at a restaurant: they usually have a mutual base (lettuce, cucumber, tomato) and then extra ingredients (shrimps, chicken, feta cheese, corn …). If you're eating chicken salad everyday and you want to spice things up a bit, take a day and switch the chicken with say shrimps. See if you liked it. See if you are looking forward to change. If so, then you can start chaning other ingredients. But if instead of just one (or two) you switch everything in the chicken salad (lettuec with rocola, cucumber with radishes, and tomato with bell pepper) then you won't be able to decide, what you liked, what you did not like or sometimes the combo can end with a disasterous result.
Suky J.
I think I'm happiest with a mix. It's nice to venture out and do something new. Push my boundaries and see what I'm capable of adapting to. Doing that adds value to the routine stuff. It makes the routine more comforting and stabilising. In turn, the routine things make it possible to venture away.
Otto Z.
Sometimes things happen like im meetibg with friends in the morning or have to go shopping so i dont have time so I have to bend the schedule.