Do y’all prefer to write your to-do list in the morning when you wake up or before you go to sleep and why? 🤔

Lina I.
I always do it before I goes to bed because you don’t know what’s round the corner till you exprianced it first the next day.

Herv P.
Night. I haven't even tried on the morning because i an so slow even for the most gross motor movements like opening a door, Let alone penmanship. At night , after my mind feels quite clean (because i already accomplished things and cleaned something, and showered etc) so after several little tasks of release, it's easy for me to dump thoughts on paper, writing flows like by inertia.

Emil W.
The night before, as I want to visualize doing/achieving the tasks before falling asleep. It helps me plan, prioritize, feel the benefits of achieving my tasks, and may provide me with some new ideas towards my problems in the morning!

Abbie Y.
I always write my to do list while I have my morning coffee, because I'm not tired. When I do my to-do list tired, I'm apt to do forget some things that really need to get done. Also, it helps me to start the day feeling more organized and that feeling can lead to positive feelings all day.

Line Z.
In the morning I write my to do list. It's a fundamental part of my morning ritual. It helps me to focus on my tasks and it's the first step for going into deep state of mind. At the evening I re-check my to do list and evaluate if day was productive or not.

Lauren T.
I prefer to do the list in the night because my mind organizes everything to do the next day. I start my day focusing in the things to do list.

Math O Y.
For me, doing my to-do list at night, during my 30 mins to prep for the next day, makes me more goal/work oriented the next day. As compared to doing it the next morning where your moods are quicker to shift your actual productivity levels for that day.