Can you suggest at home workouts for fat loss?

Rachel R.
Fat loss, sadly the best workout that works on everything would have to be burpees🤣, also if you have a skipping rope you could do that. Working on something small first rather than a full on work out would work best, and then once you’ve continuously done these things then you can implement different activities
Naja W.
High intensity interval workouts, think 30 seconds on 30 seconds off x 9
2-4 minute rest
Then repeat once
Do 3-4 different high intensity exercises
(Squat jumps, squats , pushups, burpees, alternating standing lunges, step ups)
Obviously make sure to work within your limits ( if you can't do a pushup do a kneeling pushup , if you can't do a squat just do a box squat etc.)

Finish off with a short ab circuit
8 lying leg raises
30 seconds plank
30 seconds plank taps
Rest 60 seconds
Do 3 times

And make sure you get your steps in and eat adequately 🙂

Vitus U.
Both working out and eating healthy food should be enjoyable so they can also be sustainable. For working out, cardio seems to be the most popular but isn’t the most fun ( in my opinion). Instead, try some dance classes that make you feel pumped up or happy to be moving. Try doing workouts with a group as well. Working out with someone not only helps improve your effort put into the workout, but it also gives you the reassurance that you aren’t in this fitness journey alone! Second, weight lose depends a lot on what food you are eating. Eating healthy foods isn’t always the most enjoyable. Instead, experiment with spices and combinations to create delicious and nutritious foods. Try to make your journey to a better self a fun one. Don’t think about what you don’t have or haven’t reached. Think about where you have come from and how excited you are to begin another day!
Megan O.
Well, home workouts are actually more helpful than we can think. Usually for exercising at home I choose quiet,standing or no jumping exercise so that I don't disturb anyone at home. I started doing cardio and HIIT exercises later on. These are great for fat burning. I use youtube workout videos that are usually 10-30 minutes long. So far Emi Wong has been my favourite fitness youtuber. She has some highly effective home workouts that have helped me become more fit as well as lose body and belly fat. It will take time but if you exercise for a small time each day, you'll get rid of all your body fat for sure.
Anna F.
Jog daily for 30 minutes…
Do this for a week…
Then shift to doing low intensity cardio by downloading a good app.
Later start controlling food…
"Baby steps"
Amy P.
Do a cardio workout. Perhaps try to do exercise on youtube by bowflex. Dont forget to do a diet as well, since doing cardio eats a lot of energy.Good luck
Alessandra N.
Nike Training Club has some great options. The workouts are guided, your trainer is always shown on the screen, music is seamlessly integrated into the session and there are three levels of advancement to choose from. I enjoy this app very much 🙂
Aaron T.
I would recommend to do it somewhere with more light and more opened like the beach or a backyard to give you more motivation and so it’s less easy to fall asleep than in your room or lounge room .I would also recommend to do shorter meditations to start with to get used to it so you don’t get too tired and to help keep you motivated even start a little check list so you get the satisfaction of ticking it off.I hope this may help
Rin Q.
Watch youtube "Chloe Ting" She had bunch of testimonial including myself , She have "2 weeks plan" playlist that u can watch and try at home , its hard first but believe me its worth it
Ana X.
try downloading the "lose belly fat at home" app it has a bunch of workouts/ workout plans(not only belly) and it's free
Chandler N.
The most important aspect of a workout is that you enjoy it. If your only goal with an exercise is to lose fat or gain muscle, it likely won’t be sustainable. Ask yourself, “What kinds of movement make me smile? Feel proud I do myself? Give me energy?”- and do those.
Devyn G.
I don’t know any in particular, but you could go onto YouTube and search some up for weight loss. There are tons of great videos and routines that people have made for your goal.
Valdemar Z.
1. Decline press
2. Burpees
3. Feog jump
4. Press up jacks
5. Side box jump
6. High knees
7. Mountain climbers
8. Alternating jumping lunge
Regino Z.
I've tried Chloe Ting's free workout programs and even though I didn't complete every exercise, I noticed changes to my fitness and body.
Silvestras F.
On an empty stomach once a week, you should go for a walk / run with the main focus of remaining constantly 130 hbpm for 40-60 minutes in a row. Them take a rest equivalent in time to the walk / run. Then repeat it 3-4 times.
Julia R.
I’m not totally sure what kind of exercise is good for weight loss but I assume something like light cardio while watching tv would work.
Anabel Y.
Elizabeth chu is good. Also not a workout but drinking lemon water and acidic drinks can burn fat! Search up fat burning workouts and loads of good videos come up.
Carmine P.
Jumping jacks, high stepping,cross arm crunches, superman, leg raises and plank exercises can help! But if you don't know what those are you could download " lose belly fat"
Alberte W.
Yes ofcourse but you should have patience to fo it you have to be more strict about what u eat and the time u eat how many hours of sleep u need and you have to turn off the lazy mood try to be more energetic make for ur self a point that you have to find it work regularly but don't ever forget that your body need days off to take a rest u are not a machine❤