As a diabetic and heart patient…..the boredom drives me nuts….❣️❣️ Facing getting a pacemaker…do they really help improve your energy level???

Astrid N.
Sorry, as I don't know much about pacemakers, but I wanted to send good vibes your way! I sincerely hope everything goes well for you and that you are happy and healthy❤️ ^_^ Best of luck!!🙌
Ella F.
A pacemaker helps monitor men control your heartbeat , I personally think it will help you but your doctor knows best!
Brian L.
I don’t know what’s to say. I feel you have mixed up two entirely different things. Yes boredom is dangerous but you fight it. That’s what life’s is all about. Maybe it’s a nice book or a new friend or a new tv show on Netflix. But don’t succumb to it because it is deadly.
Secondly, you’re pace maker, you need to ask your cardiologist. That or I am not getting you at all
Rejane B.
Maybe they will improve your health level but not your boredom. You need to develop hobbies which will give you touch to life such as, playing musical instruments, singing, etc.