After how much time should I have my breakfast after drinking water?

Ema S C.
In an ideal world, I would drink water immediately after waking up, so I would give myself some minutes to finish waking up (maybe 15?) at least before breakfast.
Camila C.
Generally it's better to wait until your GI motility has been sufficiently activated before getting to breakfast for maximum digestion
Clara U.
I drink my water before I get out of bed. So my stomach has time to settle a bit while I do my morning routine, bathroom, etc etc
Malthe A.
They say about half an hour if you want to lose weight, but if you're not trying to lose weight then I think you can drink water at any time. It's drinking water after a meal that you should wait. And don't drink during a meal.
Simon X.
Generally I drink 8 to 16 oz of water right when I wake up then I go make my breakfasts right away. I meditate after for 15 to 30 mins before I exercise. Doing it this way helps me in two ways, drink the water first rehydrated me quickly because my stomach is empty and water is absorbed through your stomach wall, eating breakfast right after the water keeps you from over eating because your stomach still has about 1/2 the water you drank in there so you feel full. And a lot of overeating is due to dehydration, it makes you feel like you are hungry. I meditate after so that my stomach can digest my food some before exercising that way I don't run the risk of making myself sick while exercising.
Caroline E.
Should, I'm not sure, but I drink the water right as I wake up, then coffee, get ready, and sit to eat breakfast. I feel light and awake drinking it separate from breakfast. So I'd say give it at least 20 minutes.
Soham O.
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Paul Gerhard T.
Hi there.. I think that depends on your getting up time from bed. Normally we should get water after getting up immediately because it body will be dehydrated for such long time. Then after making yourself ready, we can have our breakfast within a span of 1-2 hours after drinking water. I hope this will help you
Brittany J.
I have a drink of water as soon as I wake up as I take tablets and then I have a cup of tea. I wait to have breakfast at least 15-20 minutes after having my water and tea. It’s really up to you what time you have your breakfast.
Daniel Z.
I think it is better to have breakfast in 20 minutes after drinking water. But to tell the truth I eat practically instantly after drinking
Ronald C.
The benefits of drinking water extend for quite a while. Drinking water as soon as I wake up helps to wake me up, obviously hydrates me, and is a habit that will help me maintain other habits moving forward.

Making coffee after I drink my water followed by making eggs would be the best timing. So, to answer the question, the amount of time it takes to make breakfast after drinking my water would be the appropriate amount of time gap between drinking water and eating breakfast.

I would like to research and read other answers to this question.

Ezequiel A.
I think it all depends on the amount of time you have in the morning. Definitely drink right when you get up and take the time you need to get ready and eat. No specifics needed. ❤️
Warren N.
I'm drinking my first glass of water before I get out of bed. Then straight to exercise. Studies show benefits to exercising in a fasted state. I have breakfast as my reward.
Leah E.
Usually, after I drink water, I’d do my skin-care routine (which is about 10 minutes) and then I’d go ahead and have breakfast. That’s always worked out fine to me.
Tony W.
It doesn't really matter. Heck, you could have a glass of water WITH breakfast. As long as you're drinking water it's a good thing!
N Lson Z.
With my new yoga morning routine I will wake up and start my water do yoga and then finish my water and eat a breakfast I should wake at 6:30 daily to complete these tasks with a shower
Lena W.
There's no one way to drink water and eat breakfast. You can do it however your body feels the need to! You can have your glass of water at the same time as breakfast, as long as it's still in a morning routine time frame. If your body isn't used to eating soon after waking up, try to start small with an apple or protein bar. Otherwise, take around 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast. Let your body wake up with the water you drank and maybe a shower so you can let your hair dry as you eat. Or, you could spend the time preparing the breakfast you will eat. Experiment!
Ma Va Y.
I like to have breakfast immediately after drinking a glass of water in the morning. The water curves my hunger so I am less likely to over eat, and doing each task of my routine in quick succession helps me stay consistent.
Zachary G.
Have your breakfast soon after water, 10ish minutes. Morning will be drink water in bed, go make coffee and drink kefir while its brewing
Ted O.
I should have it after half and hour . It feels like a boost to improve my day . When I drink water I feel like renovated for a brief moment , then after having a good breakfast everything comes together , and , since I started doing all this I've improved a lot
Bryan O.
In my opinion it just depends on your schedule. For me, I drink water immediately after waking up and then I get ready for work and have a 1-hour commute. So right now I wake up with water at 7:30am, and make oatmeal after I settle into work at around 9:45am. As I progress and get better controlling my daily routine, I plan to start waking up at 6:30am so that I can cook eggs and have coffee before I leave for work.
Rosa P.
I would prefer a half an hour to an hour before. This gives my body proper time to wake up. If i eat too soon then my body could think I am hungrier than I really am. Enough water should help my body recognize if I’m actually hungry or just thirsty.
El Na Q.
Honestly, I think it's up to you. I'm starting by creating the habit, just focusing in what I can really do now. I'm focusing mainly on having a healthy breakfast sometime after my water and before it gets so late it is no longer breakfast 😅. I know that once I have the healthy part of habit, I may find the best option of the "time" part for me.
Tyrone S.
It doesn’t matter. Eat whenever it is most convenient to you. I drink water as soon as I wake up and I eat breakfast about an hour later but that’s just me.
Morris Z.
I have found approximately 30 – 35 minutes after drinking water is enough time for my body to make room for breakfast. Leading up to breakfast, my morning routine consists of drinking roughly 6 ounces of water, bathroom relief, taking the dogs for a 15 minute walk, then making & drinking 12 ounces of coffee. The brief walk during our warm summer mornings quickly depletes the water, leaving just enough room for coffee and a light breakfast – typically 2 eggs, and 1 apple with peanut butter. This seems to work well so far but as more habits are added, I may need to adjust. I hope this helps you. Good luck!
Stanley W.
This is only my personal example but here's what I do. Water as I'm getting out of bed, then take the dog out and start my tree, drink tea, then get breakfast out of the fridge and heat it up, then eat. Not an exact timeline, and more liquid beyond the 8+ ounces. Maybe a half hour or an hour before I eat? More because I'm extending the fast just a bit, not because it feels like the water needs time before food comes in. Hope that helps.
El A Q.
I will do it as long as it become a habit and dont think of it before i make it .
Until i dont need any reminder to do so .
As long as i want healthy tidy life routine
Carl B.
I try to respect my body ‘s signals. I usually wait until I feel like eating. If I have to leave early, I can “force” it a bit, or pick something to eat while commuting or later.