After eating a great breakfast, what would be a good lunch to follow it up with once you start getting peckish/hungry?

Jar F.
Something which contains lots of veggies. A soup might do as well as long as it is not a heavily processed one. Why? Because a breakfast usually contains quite some proteins and carbohydrates to get you going. Vegetables however give you the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and to protects yourself from all kinds of external pressures, think of the vitamines and other elementary building blocks which you more than often don't get out of oats, bread, etc.

Ida P.
Mostly a light meal some fruits with a little bit of protein or protein with vegetables are really good and will keep you full longer. If you start getting the peckish feeling again go for some nuts, pieces of fruit, or juices.

Elisane Q.
I’ve struggled with this for a while. You want the lunch to be nutritious enough to get you through the day, but not big enough for you to end up in a food coma. Recently I’ve found that 3oz of salmon, some veggies, and a side of fruit have been great for fueling my body and it tastes great too!

Julie C.
Depends on your breakfast. Usually a vegetable based and protein packed lunch is best due to being low in glucose and keeping you full/satisfied for a long time (no blood sugar spikes and followed by a crash in blood sugar = ravenous appetite for processed food/high in sugar.

Theresa Z.
I would go for a nice salad with arugula, orange slices, some crushed walnuts and a bit of olive oil. It does the trick for me!