Why does fabulous still want me to eat a breakfast even if I have the intermittent fasting program running? It’s a bit confusing.

Psuedonymous J.
They probably haven't connected the two goals, making one turn off if the other is on. I'm pretty sure you can change your goals so you could remove the breakfast one if you want.
Whitney F.
Isk but you can always take to habit on your routine also if you click on the pop ups you have to option to say that you are fasting usually
Caroline W.
When you run in the morning, you use energy. Sometimes it can make you feel a little dead if you were working out a lot. You don't get energy from sleeping, so if you had a pretty good rest at night but you still feel tired after the exercises. It is because you have to eat something. Eating something is not only just to feel alive but to also to make sure you can live through out the day happy. Personally, I would skip breakfast in the morning before I use Fabulous. But after a few days of eating breakfast in the morning, I felt happier and more alive through out the day.
Hendrik O.
Because you haven't removed the breakfast habit from your morning routine. Also skipping meals is extremely bad for your health, and is the most I affective ways to loose weight, as it isn't a sustainable diet and you'll just put the weight back on when you eat properly again witch may hurt your self esteem and course further disorder eating.
Dora C.
Because it's an app which has its program. The code doesn't recognize the words of the habbit that you put but it only knows if you did the habbit or no because its in its program. You can just say you did or remove the habbit.
Giovana N.
Because we need to have breakfast, even if u have the intermittent fast u need to eat breakfast, it's the precious time of the day