When do you stretch?

Rocco E.
Most days, I stretch frequently starting out in the morning. Getting out of bed, I do some twists and stretches to get my blood flowing. After drinking some water or tea, I do some gentle yoga poses. I then go to the gym and continue my routine.

I sit at a desk a good portion of my day and stretch at least at lunch and at my break when I go for a short walk.

Once home, I get plenty of stretching in when I’m doing housework and gardening.

Adrian E.
Stretching is the second thing I do when I get up every day. I wake up, meditate for 5 mins, do some stretches, and then the rest of my routine! It’s a great way to start the day and wake your body up.

Lily Z.
I stretch in the morning right after my shower, at the gym, and in the evening before bed. Even if it’s just for a minute I make time, because a minute is better than none

Lucinda E.
Somethimes in the morning but it's just a stretching after getting up…I do stretches in the evening for splits, back and arms too.

Margitta A.
Stretching is like 90% of my morning workout routine, right after I wake up every morning. It helps wake me up. I'm considering adding another session in the evening though.

Jesus J.
I prefer stretching in the morning, after I drink water and practice breathing with the app. I stretch as a warm up before exercising.

Andre J.
I stretch in the afternoon, but I used to do it in the morning. I find that morning stretches aren't as satisfying unless I get a little exercise in first, so doing it after I've been awake for a few hours is more helpful. Plus, it's a reason to get off the couch and break the routine of sitting for long stretches; when you stay in the same spot for awhile, your flexibility suffers.

Greg E.
I stretch after I wake up and before I go to bed. Stretching in the morning makes sure my body is ready and energized to start the day. Stretching before bed relaxes the muscles so I can go to sleep easier.

Mareen F.
I stretch in the morning before i start my day. I mostly stretch my neck and shoulders but often throw in a full body twist.

In S Y.
I try to stretch three times a day. Once In the morning to get rid of those tense muscles from sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, once in the afternoon to stay loose and flexible throughout the day and once in the evening to relax my muscles before bed. I have noticed a huge improvement in my attitude throughout the day simply from stretching and it’s probably my favorite part of my fabulous routine!

Noemie O.
Right after I wake up and right before I go to bed! It's fine if you do different stretches in the morning and night too; they become a nice wake up and wind down routine.

Jayden Z.
Honestly whenever I’m feeling it if I’m bored or sore it just need to do something it’s also good to take time for yourself

Christoffer B.
In the mornings after waking up, I also try to squeeze in some stretching exercises throughout the day and when I am on the office!

Corey P.
Usually is the first thing I do when I wake up. I do it straight from my bed. And then before my exercise session and after.

Pauline Q.
In the morning and at night. Those are the best times to stretch because it helps you relax and start or finish the day on a nice note. 🙂

Argemiro A.
Most of the time when I am just waking up.. some days I am more sore than others .. on the days I am not so sore … I tent to do a longer stretch and focus on working my mussels for flexibility

Brent P.
I stretch first thing in the morning. I feel like stretching first thing in the morning helps me wake up and loosens my muscles after being in bed all night.

Stephanie Z.
Right before I do my main exercise of the day to warm my muscles, increase range of motion and to reduce cramping. I also do a short lower body stretch later in the day because I am so prone to my legs cramping at night.

Lewis O.
I wake up, drink a glass of water and then stretch for about a minute. It makes me happy if the window is open and I can see the sun or feel the wind. After exercising I’ll stretch for 10 minutes or so

Johan C.
As an exercise, I stretch 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and evening. Then involuntary, anytime I feel the need to stretch.

Marcia G.
Wherever I can. A few days ago I was feeling really tight at work, so I dipped off into the ladies room and got a full body stretch in. Last night before bed, again my body felt tight so I did a quick leg and back stretch. Honestly whenever I feel I need a good stretch, whether in the morning, mid afternoon or before bed.

Kasper C.
I stretch once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It gives me a little extra boost for the day and feels productive because I can mark it off my routine!

Wiebke X.
This may sound funny but I start to stretch in bed under my covers before I even get up. Then I make my bed and use it as a stretch routine as well. The object for me, is to get my blood flowing. I'll do stretches in the afternoon as well. No given time, my body will actually let me know. My muscles seems to tense up that's when I now