What time of day suits you best for reading and why?

Mads P.
I can read any time of day but I saw that I read with most concentration in the morning after a get up. I also love to read just before bed but without concentration and I often get sleepe and eventuali I dont read half of sentens.
Francisco O.
I always try to read in the evening. It keeps me away from the phone (which is a ADDICTION!) and helps me to concentrate more on my life.
Paola M.
For me at night, because it helps me relax. But it depends for each person, some rather donor the morning and other just as they finish work.
Anton G.
I like to read at night because it gives me a reason to disconnect from social media at a time that I would normally be using it. Reading a book of my choice allows me to explore and develop my own ideas instead of going with the flow of algorithms.
Beatri Z.
I take my book to school and read when i find time. After finishing a task, durring lunch, waiting for the buss. Sometimes i read before bed but that Can get tricky, because it makes u more sleepy and u dont get much time to read.
Emily F.
The time that I prefer to read is at night, before I sleep, because for me, it's a time that I am still awake but also, I am warming up my bed so I can fall asleep more easily.