Is it okay to constantly come back to your favorite books instead of picking up new ones?

Danielle S.
I do not think there is a right or wrong answer, it depends on what type of book it is. If it is for example just reading books romance, fiction etc, it can get boring knowing the end of the story, but if it is self-development, spiritual or resources – then yes absolutely as you will always learn something new.
Clayton R.
It depends on why they are your favorites, and what more you can learn from them. If you read them again merely for pleasure, not thinking about the underlying themes or implications, I think it’s a waste. You should gain something from reading. I will usually advocate for picking up a new book because there are so many stories and narratives to be experienced.
Louis T.
Yes definitely, it’s often hard to find good books so going back to one you know you like is a good way to spend time stimulating you mind. However, the more you read fiction or non-fiction the more you learn and can expand your mind and imagination
Oliver W.
It's good to read new books, because there is always something new to learn. Imagine reading 1 new book every month that's 12 books for one year, that's also 12 new lessons learned. Don't just strive to read; strive to read and apply what you have learnt to your daily life.
Gabriela N.
What are the reasons you come back to old books?
Do you learn something new about yourself or about life with each return?
If so, the retread to your heart's content.
But be open to read new books as well. There is always another perspective, new research, new lessons.
Элина Ишханова N.
Coming back to your favorite books might signal an unwillingness to get out of the comfort zone, although at times re-reading your favorites can be a great mechanism to cope with stress. One must never cease to learn new things and live new stories.
Lauren O.
Of course it is. Our favorite books are books that comfort us for a reason. If you find yourself being drawn back to a book over and over it means you still have more to learn from it.
Sheanna O.
Favourite books are favourites for a reason although it is nice to try something new and expand your vocabulary and personal library
Allie G.
I haven’t really thought about that, I just want to focus my energy on one and then think about the next book once I’m done. I’ve done that before for school but I found myself mixing up the stories.
Felix W.
I think it is okey some books worth rereading them and sometimes you might also discovere a new details you missed the first time