Is it better to read a book completely and then start a new one, or to read several books simultaneously?

Adam Z.
It’s always best to give tasks your full attention, especially reading. Reading more than one book at a time divides your attention, keeping you from fully immersing yourself in the story.
Charlotte E.
It depends on you! I like to start a new book if I’m not feeling inspired to read my current book – in my head, it’s better to read daily and enjoy it than to force yourself to read something on a day you’re in the mood for a change.
Harp Q.
To me each book is like a new world you start a book and then you are in the world of that book. It's better to start a book finish it and then start a new book for me
Malthe F.
Reading a book completely allows you to form better and stronger emotional bonds to the characters and allows you to empathize with their situations. By reading several books at once you are jeopardizing that connection.
Celto F.
I won’t claim to know what’s “better” but I prefer reading several at once. That way, if I’m not the mood for one subject, I can always pause and turn to another. Sometimes, I’m compelled toward one thing. Sometimes, I feel scattered. Sometimes, I know it will do good to read something that I’m not necessarily passionate about so I’ll intermingle it with something I enjoy more. It really depends and I believe in that old adage: “Variety is the spice of life.”
Claire A.
I prefer to read one book at a time if it's a fiction book but if it's non fiction then I read a few at a time. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night.
Joel N.
Whatever works best for you. I personally read one at a time so I can really soak everything I read. It is not a competition on "how many books can you read?" It is about finding meaning, learning and refugee in books. If you start a book and you don't like it, find another one but it is more possible that you won't like it if you don't really peay attention to it.