When and where do you prefer to read your book?

Brigette O.
I usually read somewhere there's a comfy chair! On the couch, in bed, or out in the hammock. Lately I read most in the evening, but wish I took a reaading break earlier in the day.
Namita A.
I ushually go to the nearby library or cafe. It helps me a lot when I put on my noise cancelling headphones to zone out. I also have few youtube motivation background music which really helps in reading selfhelp books.
Marion T.
I prefer to read books before I sleep because when I read books before I sleep it helps to fall asleep and I understand the concept of the book better.
Alyssa F.
I read about 15 pages after Iā€™m done with school (if I have time). I also read every night for about 30 min. before I go to bed with some tea šŸ™‚
Vida Z.
Well reading I can do anywhere at any time I love it. But I think the most is in my bed before I sleep. It helps to calm me down. And just be someone else and forget about everything.
Tracey O.
Sometimes morning but more afternoon i read book.
I try read book in jungle or park more, but sometimes i read book in home or when i at work in cafe.
Danni T.
I like to read upstairs in what I call my wellness room. It's sunny and full of plants, has a very comfy couch, and also has a rocking chair that used to be my nana's. I like to read in either.
Charlotte P.
I definitely prefer to read at night time in my bed because I'm a night owl and I feel like books are better at night time and if in the book its night time its slot easier for me to imagine night.