Looking for some great reads, do you have a favorite author?

Tyler U.
I find fantasy and Sci-Fi to be part of my favourite genre of books so these may not be the suggestions for you, but it's always great to read different types of books! Some of my favourites include The Medoran Chronicles by Lynette Noni, How to Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo and maybe, just to throw in one of the books I wouldn't have normally picked up without encouragement, The Dictionary of Lost Words. I wish you Happy Reading!
Marah M.
Actually , I have so many favourite authors such as Dostoevsky v, Kafka , Haruki Murakami ,Saramago , Tolstoy and so many others
Ma Lie P.
Yes! My favorite author has always been Douglas Addams, I admire the way he can be so imaginative with the way he uses words and makes descriptions. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of Margaret Atwood’s books as well, I’ve found she makes some really good points about our society (even though her stories are fiction).