What is your reading practice like? Is it during the day or at night? For how long?

Shelley Y.
I like to read in my own time, by myself. I prefer to read at night before I go to bed for around an hour-2 hours at most. I'm practicing to get better at reading aloud so I don't stutter at a long sentence and take a breath when needed to. Sometimes I read with my dad and sister, we often like predicting and making up possible scenarios that could happen in the story.
Danielle C.
I’ve been trying to do it with my kids during my afternoon routine, it doesn’t always work out. I’ve been reading around 8 to settle in for bed with my book and then 9 with the kids. 30-1:30 mins.
Bianka N.
If you are preparing for any compititive exam like neet for which i am also preparing. The first thing is the time at which it will be held. Eg neet will be held in afternoon from 2 to 5 pm. So we should study between this time. So that you can perform with maximum concentration at this time. But now a day due to Lockdown it is not possible for me to study at day time due to family gathering and so much noise. So i converted my day study schedule to night. So that i can study with maximum concentration and efficiency