How to stop my self from distraction and make reading interesting?

Kai P.
Try to find a book or a series that you think you would like. Or try to find a movie series that you really like that are based on a book.
Amalie X.
I find that it’s all about the book itself, I’ve had books that just don’t grip me or that I’m just not invested in. I’ll often put books in that position to one side and grab another one that interests me more. If you have a favourite genre of film or TV, try reading something from that genre and maybe see if any movies or TV shows you enjoy are based on a novel, if it’s something you already like then you’re likely to be invested from the beginning.
Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling with a book that someone else has recommended, not all of us like the same things after all! Hope this helps 😺