how do people just put their social media away and read? I need help

Alkali Y.
I like to put notifications on silent(like using do not disturb), put on some music, and then set down/move the device in a way where the screen won't be visible to me. I also tend to read right before I sleep.
Laura N.
Every question on this app…is how do I motivate, how do I make myself exercise, how do I get myself to read, why can't I go to bed on time… Decide what you want to do and then do that thing. Do you want to read? Then read. Do you want to play on your phone? Do that. The real question is why do you wish you wanted to read? Do you want to learn something, do you enjoy the hobby, or do you just think you are supposed to read because there is positive social status associated with reading. This app is a tool to help you develop the habits you want to have….don't waste time trying to develop habits you aren't even interest in for the sake of others' opinions.