Do you have a tip for not falling asleep while reading?

Filipa Q.
When you start to feel tired and your eye lids getting heavy you can start getting prepared read one more chapter and then if you are still awake you can read more
Mathilde W.
When I start falling asleep, I just go with it. It means my body needs it. But if it is something I really need to read or study, I try drinking something cold, walk around, sit and try again. Reading laying down also calls for nap time, so I would sit straight and have a bright room to help me concentrate.
Duncan F.
Having a good book always helps. But in the case that doesn't work, I tend to keep myself in a chair maintaining good posture. I do read before going to sleep but even then I try to keep myself sat up in bed, before I eventually lay down to sleep. Also if your feeling tired, could mean your not getting enough sleep. Try going to bed a little earlier. Hope that was helpful 👍🏼
Nicole P.
Honestly you have to enjoy the book you are reading, you cannot read tooooooo late and you have to make sure you get a good night's sleep so you are not tire when you decide to start reading.
Aiden O.
Try to focus as much as possible on what you are reading. If I catch myself getting distracted, I use a pencil or my finger to follow along the words. Another tip is to visually project what is being told in the book, whatever the subject.