What are the health benefits of reading?

Abigail G.
I am a writer and I find that reading is excellent for my creative (and overall) mental health. I am happier and more in touch with my creative, problem-solving side when I read daily.
Eleanor X.
Mentally, it helps me strengthen creativity and focus. Emotionally it can improve my mood to read things that are humorous, fun, inspiring, or uplifting. Physically, I like to listen to audiobooks while going for walks or exercising, so that's a bonus too!
Babikie E.
Knowledge… Information… Learning something new for me, which is like realizing that the used to be impossible is possible
Kate V.
I think it releases your mind from day to day mundane problem solving or worries. It introduces you to different characters, lifestyles, experiences. It gives you the insight into another persons thought processes and way of experiencing the world, subtly changing your own, strengthening compassion and empathy. The mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and memories – it uses the same neural pathways. So you gain depth and complexity, it liberates you and broadens your mind. It takes you to a different reality and allows you to put your own thoughts and concerns into context – we see how small we are so any problems or worries become smaller. I sleep better, have fabulous dreams and I’m sure my heart beats a bit slower and my brain waves take a different rhythm. So when I get back to work I approach from a fresh, happier angle and feel less put upon. When I engage with others I’m more interested in them and less preoccupied in my own head.
Jules E.
For me it's about two ends of the same spectrum – escapism and using imagination, but it also keeps me grounded. I feel untethered if I haven't got a book on the go.