How long does it take to read your book?

Lee Z.
A short book of about 200 or less pages takes a couple of hours or a day. And a longer book of 250 pages or more takes me a about 1 to 3 days. But it all depends on how busy I am that day
A N.
It varies based on the book. Obviously, length plays a role in how long it takes, but I’ve found that books I’m not interested in take forever to read. And that’s okay. If it’s a book you really want to read but have a hard time making it through it, I suggest having a set time to read, or a daily goal. Like, maybe one or two chapters a day. Whatever works for you! Don’t pressure yourself to much and make yourself hate reading. Hope this helps!
Stephanie N.
It usually takes me a month to finish a regulat book with about 300 pages, but it depends on how much I am into that book.