I struggle to concentrate when reading sometimes , I find I have read pages but it hasn’t gone in. How can I centre myself to focus on the page?

Megan N.
Try reading a page of the book and visualizing it in your head. If that doesn’t work read the page a second time then pause to really let the words sink in and then think of something you get out of them. It also helps if its a book you want to read if you are reading a book because you have not because you want you might lose focus. The more you read the easier it will become to focus in the pages.
Michael T.
Get comfy, take some deep breaths, try to turn off distractions.

Then try to enjoy the journey itself and let the words pass over you. Much like with meditation, your mind may wander – and it’s really ok if it does. Don’t punish yourself for missing a few details, just take another breath, and keep going. I think what you’re looking for is a “flow” state, where you’re swept away.

Good luck !!

Flavie I.
It depends on the situation and what you are hoping to achieve.
What are your surroundings like? Is it peaceful or noisy?

For recreational reading, I like having some music in the background. Enough to hear it but not enough to get me singing.

For study, I read through once, just read the words, no notes. Then I give myself a break and do something totally different like take a walk, do a chore.
When this is done I come back and read it again. This time taking notes. The notes are to be my way of saying it (this is especially helpful in essays where plagiarism is not ok) and only the very important stuff or you can write it all down.

After this second reading, I ask these 4 questions.
1. What is this reading about in one sentence?
2. What resonated with me?
3. What do I want to learn more about?
4. What do I need to get a better understanding of.

Another thing that helps is the Pomodoro technique. 15 mins reading, 5 min break x 3 and then you get a 30 min break. Google it. It’s amazing.

Le Anne N.
I like to quiet the room and also set a timer for 10 minutes. Center yourself and focus on the words. I also like to highlight the statements that stand out to me so I can easily go back and read the important things.
Janique Q.
Shut your eyes, take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and start the page again, keeping your focus on the book and the book only. If this happens continuously, it's possible that book isn't for you, in which case you should switch. There's no point in doing something that's hard and frustrating for no reason.