Are there any tips on how to accomplish the Read habit consistently for lazy people (in terms of finding a place to sit down and read and so on)?

Dayvet N.
For I would find a favorite place to read at, For me I love reading in my room. And make sure your reading the books you love to read like favorite genres
Samuel F.
Try to swap the time that you pass on the phone or on social media with reading, find the right place, with a good ammount of light, maybe put on some relaxing but not ditracting music if you want, I use a deep focus playlist, and then enjoy your reading, start even wuth just 5 minutes a day, and day by day you’ll start to actually be eager to find that moment to read in your day, you will read more and more and it all will come naturally.
Clarindo Q.
Hey! I'm just starting reading as well after a long time of not doing it because of laziness. I think the best you can do is to find a book easy to read and that it has your full interest, and try to push yourself hard to keep reading, even tho if in the beginning it doesn't seem that pleasant. Hope that helped!
Candace J.
Yes I would say if you were able to find a quiet place to wind down and give your mind that peace to stay focus I believe that would really help you out .
Paris A.
I read novel so when I find it’s boring I just change the book. I always set myself in a comfortable position and that makes me lazy to move too.
Valdemar P.
I think audiobooks count as reading! I definitely make time for sitting down and reading a physical book as well, but listening is a good place to start for those not motivated to do so yet, in my opinion. A lot of times I feel like I'm losing time that I could be working on other things when looking for reading time, and so audiobooks allow more room for multitasking in that sense – still doing whatever it was you were going to be doing anyway, but you're reading at the same time! I have finished a massive amount of physical books over the years, but I also have nearly 500 hours logged on Audible, so there's no shame in counting audiobooks as reading in my book (pun intended)! Especially if it helps you gain more enjoyment and motivation towards reading, that could help you find time for dedicated sit-down reading in the future ☺️
Amina Z.
Choose a subjet you like, enjoy tackeling. Go to your favourite place. Do not force it, start with a certain number of pages or chapters. Reading is a hobby and needs to be treated as one. Consider it leisure time when reading, and interact with book character and ask questions outloud. It will make it more fun!
L A Z.
I use audiobooks and draw or play mobile games while I listen to them. Also listening to audiobooks while cleaning cooking just audiobooks
Charlotte R.
Start with a fun or silly book. I began my routine with YA and books for kids. They are good, engrossing, and cozy. Once you start to look forward to reading it is easy to get into the routine.
Celestine O.
To make the reading a habit the one's should avoid screens like tv,mobile,laptops and so on.
Any work or hobby which you want to adopt needs constanticy and then it becomes a habit.
Daily doing a same things becomes a habit and this will also happen in reading the books
Celia Y.
But reading is the hobby of lazy People! At least that's how I see it. You literally only sit. And read something you enjoy – and that's the most important part, enjoying it!
Shen N.
As a lazy person myself, I find it hard to do anything, but I do enjoy reading. It is actually quite easy to find a place to read. Anywhere with a window and a place to since would great, and if there is silence, that would be the icing on the cake. So in short, and comfortable space, with natural light, and a bit out silence, where you can sit. short tip; avoiding reading because you have to and try reading cause you want, by finding a book with a genre or title that interests you and read until you feel like sleeping. Then is when you get up to stretch and do something else. If you do this every day and you're a person find of reading, you find d yourself reading more and more. (If the first part of the book interests you don't stop reading, even if it gets boring, that when you become vulnerable not stop reading all Intirely, unless you're switchingnout the book that is.)
Eiad R.
I want to block any apps while I'm reading and remember me to read by sending notifications and at a certain time in a day
Nash G.
I think the answer to your question here is “no.” Simply because there are no lazy people. Everyone can be lazy, I know I was for a long time. It is a choice, and a hard one at that. You have to WANT to do it even if it doesn’t seem fun. Set two alarms for reading time, go to the library, put on some white noise, sit outside where there is no one else in sight. Do whatever you have to, but you have to know your WHY; not just your HOW. Make this goal into a life-or-death responsibility, and ask yourself why it puts you in the future you want to have. Tell yourself “if I don’t read this book, I can’t have the life I want nor can I accomplish my dreams.” I recommend writing out on paper how reading will benefit you and why you wanted to start in the first place. “its a good habit smart people do” isn’t good enough! Make it personal! Good luck and I hope this helps you get there ♥️
Atarah N.
I just got a book I really liked, that made me love reading more. Now I read for hours and hours on…
But maybe you should just lay a book somewhere you normally sit to chill or something, I think that might help with getting to the reading part
Randi E.
Find a place that makes you happy, relaxed and comfortable… Your environment definitely helps with your motivation to complete something. Leave notes as a reminder and use apps like Fabulous to help with alarms as a way to remind you to start your habit. This app has been so helpful in keeping me on track and keeping habits daily.
Anna I.
I get that's it hard to start reading, which can be because of laziness, lack of motivation or just simply not having time. But those reasons to not read are keeping you away from reading, which means you'll have to lessen, form of remove them. You can choose a room, where you're most comfortable and try find a book which is not too heavy. Something to read for a short period of time each night, to get led into, but not too much in to or else you'll have it on your mind for the rest of your mind. I personally like to put on calming music (without song or danger undertone) while reading. If you think it's a great story, your brain will capture the story and link it to that song. So every time you hear it, you'll get a fuzzy or small shiver feeling of that story you're being reminded of. It all depends on the book, time and place. Don't push yourself into start reading a whole chapter, rather start reading a bit and slow. A good beginning can bring you to keep wanting to read every night. I wish good luck to the person who sent the question, because reading is important. An exercise for the mind 🙂
Brittany G.
Putting a reminder alarm on a certain amount of time that I know that I have nothing to do , could help. Sometime , I try replace my bad habit of spending too much time on social media with the read time.
Alison T.
Find a book that you’re very interested in; and you know you’re going to be invested in reading. Then find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted and/or bothered.
Sara G.
I just think about it as a task, which I strongly must do it anyway.
I don't think, just doing it like a robot. When I go to bed and prepare myself to go to sleep, I try to read some pages, even one page but at least a page read.
Flenn P.
Make your goal to read one sentence every day. You can read one sentence anywhere. As you build this habit, you’ll find you’ll naturally find your way to somewhere you can sit and read for longer.
Ang Le O.
When it comes to reading the book during the day, it happens to be a huge issue for me as well, since You might not have enough time for this, or there are 'more important things' to do. We tend to procrastinate and are used to this feeling that 'there is something to do', something such important that spending even these 15-20 minutes seems for us like wasting our time. We're always too busy, running after something that we can't reach.

As far as I know myself, I realised that I would do exactly the same thing – go after some 'undone' tasks and waste this time forcing myself to do them, which happens to be even less efficient and more tiring. That's why I came up with a conclusion: whenever You feel like You're getting overwhelmed – take a minute for yourself. Get a few deep breaths, forget about the surroundings and if this doesn't help, those 5 minutes of reading won't kill You 🙂

What's more, I spend 15 minutes every morning (even put it in my morning routine) right after I wake up not to go through my phone, but to read a few pages. This way You can be more productive and You don't actually 'waste' much time 🙂 During that You can drink water and also keep up with your water habit.

Delores O.
You should read in a quiet place so you can focus and try reading imaginary storys so you could have a great imaginative brain.
Sofia C.
Firstly, you can go to any of your comfort zones. You may take breathing exercises to help you focus and rest. While I am reading, I like to listen to white noise/rain noises to keep me focused.
Do X.
I think yes there is. First you need to find the "why? ", which is the most important tip, why you want to change?, you need to find the motive, that will help you after to set long term objectives.
Sahil C.
Start slow by starting to read pages which are less in number like 1-2 pages per day and gradually increase it as day passes