What genre of book is your favourite? What about this genre grabs your attention and/or imagination?

Clarisse S.
Personally I like sci-fi novels. They take you on an adventure that you can put yourself into. I find it nice to try and make your own characters and see how they fit into that situation. Genres like mystery and detective ones probably will give the same effect. But I like the fantasy type of novels because they make me feel invincible.
Hermano Q.
personally, my favorite is fiction, i like sci-fi and fantasy, it helps me look into new worlds and imagine and just get out of the current one. it helps me generate ideas when i want to write stories and build new theories of what can be out there in the galaxy. it makes me more creative and boosts my imagination and i’ve just always been interested in it. the aliens the dragons the new planets what these others come up with is very intriguing. at the moment my favorite author is Rick Riordan and i am reading his third book in the apollo series it is about greek gods and i’ve always find this interesting how the others come up with these imaginary things, and these boost my imagination very much. but it is completely up to you what you want to read and these are just what i find interesting. i’m not too much of a fan of non-fiction; but i want to start reading self improvement books to build a better life which i think would also be very interesting on how to better your life. you could go to the library or local bookstore, you can also probably read audio books on audible which has lots of good interesting books.
Axel J.
I have two favourite genres. Sci-fi/medieval fiction. Books like game of thrones, dune, Lotr, malazans empire. High fantasy easy to get lost into books that take hours out of your day without realising. As well as self help, personal development books. Books about everyday life and little tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Sorta like this app