Do you like listening ebooks/podcast instead of reading?

Laura N.
I like podcasts/ebooks . I also like reading. What are you trying to glean from asking anonymous individuals this subjective question?
Zee O.
I feel podcasts are easier to listen to and ingest than an audiobook. I'd love to read more but carving out time to read a book takes more effort than listening to a podcast while folding laundry or working. The podcasts I like the most are languages and social/cultural studies.
Martin O.
Yes, when I have to do something else, like cleaning or weeding, it is perfect with a podcast. Books I read at night in bed, but I mostly fall asleep after only 10 minutes. And I’m one of those who still read the print paper in the morning!
Caroline T.
I do both. I read as an escape and down time but I listen to audiobooks or podcasts while doing other things like cleaning, gardening, or other tasks which don't require a lot of brain power. I think reading is still very important because it helps your vocabulary, spelling and grammar, creativity, imagination, and has a lot of benefits associated with it. If you don't like reading, ask yourself why? Is it overly complicated? Is the content boring? Do you have negative associations with reading?