When do you prefer to read? Which time of the day?

Stacy X.
I love to read in the evening before a fall in sleep. It helps to reset mij head en get sleepy. I normally read until I fall in sleep. My head gets empty and I only focus on book and the story
Rainer E.
I always read in the morning. I don't but I like mornings. It's calm, silent and it's not hot or cold enough that could distract me
Willard C.
I read one chapter of my book in the morning, and one right before bed. It’s a good way to start and end my day. And then I’ll read throughout the day if I have time, as a break from whatever I’m doing.
Mohammad Z.
I like to read in the early morning before anyone else wakes up. I wake up at 5 am so that I can include an hour of reading in my morning routine. It's a game changer because reading early before your attention is required by the world guarantees quality input and longer recall.
El Onore P.
I love reading before bed, in my bed. It helps me to fall asleep. Also, if you have extra time in the afternoon, that’s a good time to read too!
Natasha P.
I live to read at anytime but I only seem to make time for it late at night when I’m too tired to do anything else. I think that restructuring how I spend my time in a day could help me remember how much I used to love to read instead of allowing myself to keep putting it off like it’s an annoyance