Is it better to read really fast to get through the book quicker or slow so that you can get all the details or so that you dont miss anything?

Mariko Q.
I always want more details! You can miss so many interesting things about the characters and their relationships to one another if you rush through.
Connor P.
It is better to read a book slower. I love being immerged in a great book so I see no reason to rush when I could get every detail and make it last longer
Mj N.
I think it’s better to read through a book at a slow pace so that you can take in and understand what you’re reading. It does depend on what you’re reading and why you’re reading it.
Chris F.
It depends on what you want to take away. I had a reading assignment for a class and only got the book a couple days before. I read the whole thing in those two days so I could talk about the topic in class also knowing others would too. Some will tell you it is better to read though it quickly to identify the important parts for you then go back and just read those parts in detail. Again it depends on what you want to take away.
Lucy F.
It is better to absorb what you are reading to retain the story or information so there a nice steady pace and you will enjoy the experience.
Diana F.
Reading a book at a pace that is neither too fast or too slow. It may be tempting to rush, especially if the book is really good, but taking it slower will really help us enjoy the experience of the book.
Bumi N.
For me initially reading of any book or document has to be quick and afterwards, I go back to read slowing especially the beginning and end of each paragraph to learn something new or what I missed initially in the first reading.
Dagobert O.
The objetive of reading a book its for the reader to enjoy it and learn from it. It qould depend on how fast you are able to read, there is people that could read pretty fast and still catch the details on the book. I don't think reading just to read and get over it is ok. If you don't enjoy it it would take you a) forever to read it or b) you will just want to finish it. If you really want to know what is to happen in the book you probably will just keep reading, no matter the pace.
Mareile X.
If you're into the book, reading slowly will get you even more interested and you won't miss any details. If you're not that into the book or you read it just to finish it, reading it at a normal pace is my advice. Reading incredebly fast won't benefit you in any way (if it's a really boring book, just don't read it anymore)…
Mark E.
I like to take my time and enjoy the experience of losing myself in a book. Life is super busy and goes so fast. 20 mins of downtime with a good story is just the tonic.
Samuel U.
It depends from the book and what you want to get out of it. If it's a non fiction book you can read it fast and then get back to the necessary part when need it. For fiction books getting all the details is all point.