Should you continue reading a book even if you aren’t liking the first several chapters and just can’t get into it?

Marek F.
I believe that a book is known from its title not the first few chapters so I don't like continue reading a book which is not satisfying me from the title till the END of it ✨
Danielle U.
Some books take some pages to get to the main course of the story and might be boring in the start. So it is good to give the book a chance. However, if it is too unpleasant to keep reading it, maybe is not the time. Stop reading it and start with another. Maybe in the future when you try to read that book again you find it more appealing. Our taste in books changes over time.
Ron Q.
I have started several books (even in a series) and the first chapters are boring or you think what this has to do with the storyline.
It probably/may get better… think of yourself as someone who reviews books’
Then you can determine whether to recommend the book, read more in the series or by the same author

Hope that helps

Alberte C.
That's tough. I think if its a series yes, but if its a stand alone not really. However, it might just be the mood you are in at that moment. Maybe pause for a few weeks or read a different book and then come back to it. If you still don't have any interest then don't finish it 😊
Nikolaos F.
Not unless you feel like it has information you need and even so you may be able to find another book that can give you the same information while keeping you interested
Roxi G.
I would say no. I am an avid reader. If the writing is hard to read (like Tolkien is for me) I would say put it aside and try again later. I once read a book by an author I love. It took me several attempts to get into the book because of the way the first chapter was written. I have now read all the books in the series. Reading should be enjoyable. If you aren't enjoying it, move on to something else.
Elias Y.
I always like to finish what I’ve started. Even if the book doesn’t grab you after the first several chapters, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t have a strong finish.
At the very least, you will have an honest review of the book upon completion and can recommend it (or not) to others.
Zoey L.
If you aren't getting into the book even after a few chapters, I'd stop reading. Or try skimming a little bit forward, and decide if it's worth it then
Angelica Z.
I think sometimes is better to keep reading it, like in life; there are many things that we may not like but after a while we end up feeling grateful to continue because we discovered something way better than we expected
Valerie J.
If you're feeling like the book isn't for you, you could either stop and read another book, or continue and hope that it gets better with time. Sometimes it's difficult to find book that suites you, but it'w important just to keep reading, and find something that you like and enjoy.