How do you get yourself hyped for a good book?

Rebecca C.
I really just love reading so if I hear about a good book then I put it on my tbr and then when I finally go to the bookstore and find it I’m really happy and ready to read it 🙂
Lillie E.
Find a comfortable spot, make sure I have a a soft blanket and my favourite tea. I also like to look at fanart if there is any available online
Alexandra S.
The only thing i do is set a time like 15 minutes or so for to read for everyday. Also i set a goal like "read 5 pages on that time". It's all about racing with time, like i win if i read those 5 pages in those 15 minutes, so i don't think much of the burdon of reading. When i notice i have read a chapter in two days or so and maybe i can finish a book within a month. But also be honest with yourself, set a goal that you KNOW you can do acheave. Usually i don't get more than 5 pages because i distract myself too much, so i know i can't read more. But the fact that i have that goal makes me distract less and read more, read faster. 15 minutes it's not that long believe men, so you read a little everyday and maybe if you want you can extend the time reading. Hope i helped!