Can you recommend a good read to me??

Core Al P.
I just finished A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. If you like dual povs and books taking place in another country I would recommend. It was a wonderful read.
Sophie G.
I love Sci-fi, so I'm obviously biased to it. If you do like that genre though, the Enders game series is often one that is overlooked, and dare I say it, it actually gets better the more you read.
Evie N.
I have just finished the maze runner and it’s a fabulous book and I think the main reason I enjoyed it so much is that it’s similar to the hunger games which is one of my favourite books.
Irene P.
As a long time reader, i generally prefer the classics. I recommend "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, a classic romance but if adventure is more preferable, i recommend "Robin Hood". I has a new meaning for every age. Right now, i am reading "The Phantom of the Opera" , which i also really like
Malgorzata U.
I don’t really have a recommended read but if you don’t know you should just pick something and go for ut if you feel like it
Kitty T.
Right now I'm enjoying "The Poppy Wars" by Rebecca Kuang. It's an Asia inspired dark fantasy series and it's really exciting!
Darryl Y.
Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling
There are many books of Harry Potter but it's best when you start with ,,Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone,,
Annada Q.
Honestly, in my personal opinion a good book to read has to a classic as I am a sucker for classic literature i would definitely suggest "To kill a mockingbird" and also "The perks of being a wallflower". These are my personal favorites if you do read them I hope you enjoy them!!
Stefani U.
Before I go to bed I read 📚 "당신은 한국 공주를 기억합니다" – "The memories of one korean princess". It's really interesting and calming book. I also read " Hamlet".
In my opinion reading before bed Is really calming.✨️
Leah U.
Hello! I am assuming my good read you are talking about a book. There are many books that I find interesting, however if you are looking for a moderately long book then I would suggest Challenger Deep. It’s about a boy who has schizophrenia and while it can be confusing in the beginning, it is a book that I for some reason cannot forget.