Do you find that you fall asleep when reading?

Stefanie P.
No, I don’t fall asleep on the couch watching tv either. I really savor my time reading. I first sit up in bed and read for work and/or a magazine. Then I lie down and start reading my book. When I get really tired, I turn off the light. Pat of the success of reading for a longer time is going to bed a bit earlier. I’m working on this because I might still read 30 minutes, but not have enough time for sleep.
Tilde G.
I don't ever actually fall asleep while reading, but I do read at night time in bed before I go to sleep and find that I am able to sleep better and fall asleep more easily if I have read some of my book beforehand. Alternatively though, if my book is especially exciting I lose track of time while reading and accidentally stay up late, but still find it helps me to sleep afterwards
Purple S.
Not really, but it helps me de connect from the day, and usually it's more relaxing than a movie. Plus more stimulating on the brain growth
Kader T.
Not all the time but some night if the time is late I can sleep when I am reading.
You should keep reading same time and every day also given a limited time.You will get used and increase. Just don't break the chain. Do it every day.
Halle P.
No. I tend to read for around 30 minutes but if i feel like i need to go to sleep or take a break i will make sure i mark the page im on and put my book away !