What do you do if you’ve lost your love of reading, but want to get back to it?

Devon W.
I read only book that I feel I want to read that day. I read 20 pages and leave it. Get back to it whenever I want to. Never overdoing it. It could be another day or after a month to come back to it. Usually you get the answers needed or related to inner feelings, you get fulfilled and the curiosity and joy of reading comes back. Sometimes it is nice to read a book of very good tales. One tale to that day. Or a myth. It is usually short with strong message, leaves good inner feeling.
Krin O.
Start by going to a library (when quarantine is over, of course) and find a book that looks really interesting. Or, if you have books at home, you can pick one that you don’t remember as well. If you’d rather pick a book you remember was really good, that’s fine too. After you have your book (don’t get too many or you’ll stress yourself out!), find a quiet/relaxing place to read. This could be a hammock outside, sitting in a tree, in a comfy chair, or in your bed! Make sure it’s free from too many distractions or you won’t soak up the book as well. Once you feel like you’ve found your spot, get comfortable and start reading! Soon enough, you’ll get lost in the pages and forget your outside life altogether and just be immersed in the book!
Luca O.
Well one time I cleared an entire day so I could just sit at home and read. I just sat down and read for the ENTIRE day. I finished plenty of books. I used to love reading and now I read more then ever! I suggest that you do a relaxing reading day once in a while to get back into the reading habit.
Carly O.
When I do not want to read any book, I either pull out an old favorite to reread or I find a book that has reviews that say fans of a book I loved will love this new book.
Emilie P.
Just grab a book! I promise you will fall right into it again, I've had that happen once, but the first book you'll read, you will want more and more again! 😉
Slawomir U.
Well if I have lost my love of reading the new there isn’t something I lost along the way not only my love for reading. Passion just doesn’t down out of no where so I think the way I would get my love back would be To reconnect with the books that made me feel whole again. The books that made me feel the goosebumps at the vivid descriptions the books that made me feel the depth of the dilemma. The books that tore my heart at the end not because the ending was blindly sad bit because I lost people that’s made me feel soo close to them just by reading their thoughts, that’s I lost a piece of my own imaginationative world trapped by the books
All in all reconnect back to those Books that will make you question why you ever stopped reading and then BAM! You’re back on track
Good luck🧡
Amber N.
I make the moment itself more attractive! I will pour myself a cup of my favorite tea or coffee, light a candle, get a nice blanket,… I set the mood to get started with reading, and eventually I just keep going!
If that doesn’t work for you, you could also swith to listening to audiobooks and transition from that to reading again.
I hope this was helpful! Good luck!
Enzo T.
Using audible helps me stay focused and really brings the book to life. It makes me look forward to the next time I get to read.
Johanne G.
Hi. Well, I recommend starting with something short to read, like maybe a short story or a poem, or an article or a comic book / graphic novel. Something that bring joy is essential so you get pleasure out of reading again. I hope this helps.
Javier P.
Devote time to reading, specifically. That way, you'll be bound to find something you like, after searching through ebooks and libraries endlessly! Keep an eye out for TV/film adaptations – for me, a few book series I've fallen in love with have been sparked due to an interest beyond just the screen depictions.
Milan F.
Set time in the day to read a chapter. I like to read before bed to calm down so it's easy to add reading into my daily routine. Try to think of what you enjoy reading for- relaxation? Use it to incentive breaks! Calming? Try to do before bed time
Hana Y.
I would stay determined to get that love for books and reading again I would get as many books as I can, and read and read and read and read…