Do you read to relax or to stimulate your brain?

Rae F.
Both. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I just need to curl up with a bit of escapism, other times" I'll see or read something that makes me go hmm, and I'll start digging through books and the internet for more information. I've always been a bit nerdy, quite able to get lost reading a dictionary. 😉
Alice E.
Both. Some books are “light” and relaxing. Other books are more stimulating; the subject matter requires more to process information.
Johan E.
My main goal is to learn about topics I’m interested in, so it’s very rare that I read fiction. Relaxing just happens to be a side effect of reading before bed. A bonus!
Hien G.
Mostly for motivate my brain. But i enjoy the peaceful time when reading as well. Just put a headphone on and play some rhymes of nature…, i find myself relaxed
Ang Le E.
I usually have a lot of homework to do, so when I wanna get some rest, I always read to relax myself. It help me to increase my knowledge in a relax way.