How can you read and maintain your focus when anxiety gets in the way?

Vera T.
Most of the time I listen to music, because it make everything easier, and I can focus on reading if I use a chilling music. I hope it make sense.
Jesus E.
Anxiety can be a struggle I would read books that inspire you or books that take you to a complete new place then once you are relaxed you can begin to focus and study with breaks to brain dump or breath or even stretch.
Mikkel X.
By reading, especially fiction, you are able to escape to a different place and time and you are able to be someone else and this allows you to feel escapism for the factors creating the anxiety and this, paired with relaxing music at a set time everyday will also increase how effective reading is for relieving anxiety and how easy it is to focus with anxiety.
Constance J.
I sometimes take a break and grab a small snack, that usually makes me focus more. Or grabbing something to drink as well, my favorite is tea or lemon water.