How do you cancel out distractions when you’re reading?

Luzia A.
Finding a quiet place or listening to music. If it's a good enough book, with focus, everything else will just melt away
Milica C.
I turn on Do not disturb mode on my phone. I go to the place that i usually read and try to practice mindfulness while reading and focusing fully on reading.
Med F.
1.) Put a list of people who might interrupt you at your reading time. Let them know you are on a zero interruption reading sprint.let them know after what time you will be free and can contact them.
2.)Schedule your reading when you can expect to have a 0 interruption from people .
Put your mobile phone on silent mode, do not disturb, mute notifications to eliminate ringtones media tones and notification screens.
4.) Switch off your laptop and put mobile screen facing floor ward so you can not view the display screen even by mistake.
5.)Surrounding sounds and smells pref. you can read in a closed door room.To avoid thoughts triggered by smell.
6.) If still sounds not put off use an ear plug or both an over ear anc headphone without playing music in combination with earplugs in your eat canal.
7.)pre reading most importantly set an intention on how you just can't do without reading and how it can tranform you or help you destress for eg .
8.) Set a reward like good feelings post readings or distressing points you gained or wrote journal on how the reading was , what was good what not, what worked what didn't and how you can be better .
Hope it helps .
Justin F.
I would recommend soothing music and pick something you enjoy reading. Get comfortable in a quiet place and try reading. If it's still hard than, don't use time but page numbers as minimum amount to read. Is often easier to force yourself to keep reading.
Samira Z.
First, you have to choose a book that grabs your attention. If you’re not into the book, it’ll be easier to get distracted. Second, you have to pick the right environment. You can’t concentrate in a busy environment. You have to make time to read, time to only be reading and not doing anything else
Elisa N.
First of all. You need find a book that you love and grabs your attention. If it is for school try to think that once I read this I will be more knowledgeable about the subject. Then try to read somewhere quiet. If you can't then try to just put your self in the character's place or in that time. If a science book or something then try to imagine the thing you're reading about like you are seeing it. I hope I helped 🙂
Cat N.
A way to cancel out distractions is to find a cozy and quiet spot, like outside in nature or in your room, put on so soothing music, and try and feel like your actually inside the story.
Sofie C.
Because my distraction is smartphone so my solution is I will put my smartphone far away from me, and i will be lazy to check my smartphone
Catherine O.
I really can't read without getting distracted, so i usually just read a few pages (10-20) and then take a break for as long as i have to, then go back to finishing what i have to read.
Aubrey W.
I usually go to a quiet space at at time I know I won't be disturbed. If I can't do that, I usually get so engrossed in what I'm reading I don't even hear anything going on.
Janna X.
I am very easily distracted, so this is an excellent question for me!
How do I cancel out distractions when reading?
First of all, it depends on what I'm reading and why:
1. Read for work/study
2. Read for pleasure/relaxation

If I'm reading for work-related purposes, it tends to be non-fiction (of course) and content focused. And one of my Fabulous Daily Habits is to learn something new every day.

So my head is already looking for something so I can check off that box by the end of the day. That's important!
But it does take a little planning.

I try to combine the content-focused reading with the app Audible and another habit, like daily exercise – walking & swimming (waterproof headphones). After swimming laps, I often climb into a small float and read to cool down or in a lounge chair nearby. I make sure to pack a book in a zip lock bag.

I always have a small notepad and a favorite gel pen nearby to capture notes and thoughts to transfer later.

"When" I'm reading also matters when it comes to distraction.
If I'm reading an actual book (which I prefer, old school-so I can highlight, re-read and make notes) I just try to do it when my mind is fresh and rested-either 1st thing in the morning or evening when it's dark (darkness tends to blot out distractions in my mind). Of course, I need to be away from others, in a private comfortable area with headphones and pre-arranged boundaries ("Unless there's blood, a bone sticking out or a fire, do not disturb.")

Some people find "meditation" type music playing in background helpful ("Alexa/Google/Siri, play new age or mediation music")
but I prefer silence, lest I get distracted by getting "into" the music.
If reading for the 2nd reason, pleasure/ relaxation, I can pretty much read anywhere if it's a good book.

Just make sure it's not an action-oriented, mystery thriller, if you're reading before sleep at night! Otherwise, that can distract your thoughts and potentially influence dreams, affecting length & quality of sleep. Pick something lighter and not "news-related" then.

So, in summary – to "cancel out" distractions while reading:

1. Plan ahead-what, where, how, when
2. Set boundaries
3. Try to combine with another habit
4. Experiment- find what works for you

Hope this is helpful!

Elizabeth N.
my household is REALLY noisy, so i always have some kind of distraction. thankfully whenever i read i just hop on another dimension that closes off every single thing im living in. usually listening to music which i don’t know the lyrics to helps. sometimes i close the door, meditate for some moments and start reading more than once two or three lines so that i get myself in the reading mood. hope this helps <3
Mm N.
I normally turn off all of my notifications so that never a problem. I usually turn on some background musics while reading but recently I found turning it off works quite better. Just sitting quitely in the dark. Reading at night also the key for me.
Brittany J.
Oddly enough, I don’t, I can’t, the best thing I can say is to find a place and time to sit in a area where there are no distraction like bed time after everyone’s in bed. I’m used to the distraction so I just read through it or read with it.