Do you read several books at the same time? How do you manage them?

Kylia C.
Yes and no, that depends on what kind of book or books i'm reading and whether they're super long or not or also just whether or not i wanna immerse myself in one world at a time or not
Rowenna J.
Yes. One book for my breakfast, one during lunch break and one for dinner. The two are just short ones – one poetry and the other is shirt stories. Only one is a novel. So i dont get the characters all mixed up.
Laurel X.
Yes. I have a book to learn from, an audio book to listen to when I can't read, a longer novel, and I always keep a light, easy to read book on hand. The easy read is if I need a mood booster or if I get out of my reading habit and need an easy step to get back into it.