Do you read with lights on or off?

Niamh C.
I prefer lights on, especially if it's a book. I rarely turn the lights off when I'm reading on my phone since it gives me a headache
Hamilton Q.
To be honest i read sometimes with light on and sometimes with light off . I love to read and this because i read without light , im exiting what is going on this book ?
Madeline T.
I usually read with lights on.. but not bright lights. Dim light can get me in the right mood and set the ambiance for all the imagination and thought processing that is going to happen while reading.
Khushi C.
I always read with lights on because if we write read off it will strengthen our eyes and we will not able to read nicely or if u will read books u can read in sunlight also it will also help u and now in winters
Mohammad F.
I read with lights when i am reading a book but when i am reading from phone i usually read with no or no high bright lamp