Is it okay to read more than one book at a time?

Rachel Z.
Depends on your reason for reading a book— personally, I like to immerse myself in the story, and feel like I am right there in the novel. So I only read one at a time. However, if you read for information, or super light entertainment, I think it’s fine!
Beverly U.
It's actually great to read many books this can help you gain a more rich vocabulary and can be relaxing if you really like the book but always trie to read one book completely and then start a new one this will help you and can be more easier to you.
Claire C.
Yes, it is ok but for me reading one book at a time is difficult for me. If the book you are reading isn’t interesting enough I suggest you keep reading!
Jocelei O.
It depends on the genre of the books that you are reading. There are two different categories of genre : Non-Fiction and Fiction.
Non-fiction requires a lot of time to interpret in the realworld whereas fiction doesn't.
You can read 2 books at the same time if they are correlated however if not, I don't think it will be productive to do so. Besides we read to learn, why not give it ( 1 book) our entire attention.
Abella T.
If you can keep track of what’s happening in both, then of course!! Do what you want. I often read multiple books at a time: I have an audiobook and a physical book I’m reading. This way, I can listen to the audiobook while I’m working, and read the physical book in my off hours.
Lillian P.
Of course! I feel it’s easier if they’re two completely different genres like a fantasy novel and a thriller.
Non- fiction and fiction.
Read one during the day and one at night. Get through that TBR faster!
Andrea C.
I have three books on hand at any given time to vibe well with whatever mood I am in. So for me yes. Some people don't like too many options and that is also ok. Some people like finish one before starting another. Everyone is different. There is no right answer.
Victor P.
Yes. I regularly read one book and listen to another on tape. Not exactly the same but still requires two different trains of thought
Farrady Y.
Absolutely, different books put us in different moods and sometimes you're just not in the vibe for a particular book, rather than let that put you off reading for the day, 100% pick up a book you are in the mood for, it will keep you interested in performing the task every day as well as leaving you in control of how you feel about that task
Irina S.
I usually read one book that gives me a professional information and one for more leisure type feeling. If multiple books don't overwhelm you, why not?!