Which book are you reading?

Olga N.
I books I am reading are The Calvary Road by Roy Hession, A Woman's Journey toward Holiness by Sheika Cragg, and The Great Investment by T. D. Jakes.
Amanda O.
At the moment I am reading “Harry Potter and the half blood prince.” I am such a child at heart and I could read this series a million times. I think that even though I am almost fully grown that it is still good to read books that you grew up with as a child every once and a while. When you’re feeling stressed, it can help to read something that brought you happiness a long time ago. This book brings back many happy memories. Happy reading!!
Traci F.
I am reading two different books. One my one of my business mentors called You can Do Hard Things, and I am also participating in a group book study with the book Think and Grow Rich