Whats your favorite book series?

Caleb B.
To be honest I was not into books but last year one of my best friends recommended me a trilogy called Gabriel’s Infierno, I started to read it and I fall in love with it, it’s a love history but not a common one, this one is special because it shows that love is one of the biggest things in the world, I do love that trilogy, also, that’s the only one that I’ve read

I hope that my answer help you 🙂

Aldrovanda Z.
I love Jane Austen's novels. Especially Sense and Sensibility. It was a good story. It has a message, we can learn from it. That we can't only use our sensibility, we need our sense too.
April P.
I've been very invested in local literature as a Singaporean, a short story collection counts as a series right? Amanda Lee Joe's Ministry of Moral Panic
Mirjana Q.
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