Are some books better to read than others?

Sarah N.
Yes! It is all about what interests you. I have a hard time finding a book that’s perfect for what I like, so half the time I don’t read because nothing interests me in that book. Just read a little and see if it makes you happy on the inside!
Arun I.
It is true,because you need knowledge related to your life difficulty and also the information you get may not be useful if you read rubbish books

It is advised to read a great author book

Petula Y.
I definitely think some books are better than others to read. There are books that will increase your knowledge or assist you in some part of your life and there are some that are entertaining. Every once in a while you'll find one book that does it all. After you choose a nonfiction book and finish reading it then choose one that will be strictly enjoyable. As with everything: balance is good.
Leeloo W.
Of course. Books of the genre you love will be easier to read than books of a genre you are not familiar with. But that doesn't mean they are not good to read. Personally, life lesson giving book are hard for me, because I don't want to be judge by a book (on top of all the people…) But if it's about a topic that I am interested in, it will be still fulfilling to finish it.
You don't have to read philosophical books of you're into fantasy. You don't have to read economical book if you're into romanticism.
Read what you like. Don't force yourself or you'll never open a book again.
Eleonora E.
I think that the best books are the ones you enjoy. For example sometimes I read business books, other evenings fantasy books and so on. It depends on my mood
Deborah U.
Depends on what you like. If you refer to those people who believe reading non fiction is better than reading fiction, the answer is NO. However, if you just don't find fiction entertaining, don't read it. It's simple. Fiction is meant to make you reflect in very different ways than non fiction. Fiction can take you to unbelievable places without stepping out of your home. When you read fiction, you go on an adventure, while non fiction is entirely different.
Kristina C.
Well every book is different, it would depend on a person's taste, are we talking fiction or non fiction… what genre type etc. Some books can be educational, some can be emotional, some teach us good values and life lessons, while others give us our entertainment. Books are Important, they leave us with more knowledge than we had prior to reading them, but not every book will be liked by everyone, so that makes it hard to say if a book is really better than the other. I'd like to think they are equal in their field because someone out there thinks that the book they just read is better than any other book. So in the end read what you feel best peaks your interest, and gets your kind flowing.
David G.
Of course, depends what are you interested in but within any category u can find great/better books then the others, or even not worth the reading. Good idea is to read book summaries, there's plenty of blogs around the internet with free summaries, or mobile apps just with that, and if u find one summary interesting, you can go for whole book then without wasting time reading whole book first.
Nichol Y.
In my own opinion yes some books are better than others just because their are certain genres of books I find alot more interesting than others
Joselina E.
I don’t think so, everyone has their own preferences. In my case I prefer mystery over a romance. Now, in each genre I would say yes. For example, there are some mystery books better than other sand goes romance& etc. Again, it depends on the individual.