Does the music you can choose to listen to while reading usually help you focus or distract you?

Steve U.
It depends on the mood really, sometimes I want to read in silence and sometimes I can't stand it and I need some background noise
Constance X.
I don't usually listen to music while reading, studying or writing. If I do, it will be something without words – either something from the distant past, classical or baroque period, or modern soundtracks. I also enjoy symphonic metal but it can be difficult to find a mix of symphonic metal entirely without words.
Rish U.
I don't listen to the music. I feel like it might be helpful though, and you'd sort of be able to know how much time has passed.
Tamires Q.
I think music with words is better for problem solving type work, but for reading, not sure. I use music with lyrics to provide me with extra stimulation needed to focus on the task. I tried music without lyrics and it's less distracting but it defeats purpose of providing me with the extra stimulation I need it seems.
Bob R.
It usually distracts me, although at the same time I find it hard to read in silence. I usually try to read with the radio or TV on so I'm not distracted by my favourite songs.
Sara J.
It depends on the music. If it is with lyrics and i enjoy it, then that distracts me from reading. (As I would probably start singing)But if classical music, then it helps me to focus.