How do you make sure to set aside time for reading everyday?

Ala De Q.
I don’t. I still struggle with finding time to do each routine due to me working night shift. I do try to find the time to read in the afternoons. Generally after supper when the kids are showering and my husband is watching his shows.
Jar X.
I like to read in bed before I fall asleep, as it helps me unwind. I used to read the news, but found that reading a novel is more relaxing. Since sleep is a daily activity, I’ve made it my bedtime routine, which doesn’t feel like extra effort of setting aside time.
Ba Ak N.
I always want to read more books than the average so when I finish a book, I instantly pick up another book and carry on like that. When you do that and make reading a cycle that never ends, you automatically will have time for reading. Just be willing to read! If you have school or work, just carry a book with you and read it in the car, in the train, in the bus… Even though it is hard to read outside, it works! But in my opinion, you need a relaxing, soft, calm and silent place. Then open the book and get lost in the pages. And don’t try to finish a book, try to READ a book.
Oliv Rio Q.
I add it as part of my evening routine. I turn off electronics by 9:30, get in bed, and read for a half hour before sleep. Great way to unwind!