Do you read at night? Or do you find another time better to read?

Christian N.
I just read whenever I have the free time… If it's not a habit yet, it's difficult bc you really just wanna go on social media or watch videos on YT, but it's so much more rewarding. It is for me anyway.
Gabriela N.
I have set aside times to read. After all the electronics are shut off I read for pleasure before I sleep.
In the morning I read for knowledge.
Or C.
I like to read at night, in bed. I use the kindle app and put it on dark mode so i can read in bed while my husband is sleeping next to me. Sometimes (rarely) i read during the day if i cant wait to know whats happening next in the book. Using the kindle app on phone makes it easy to read wherever whenever
Jason U.
I like to read first thing in the morning. It gives me time to wake up, become engrossed in the story, and it keeps me from giving other people my first half hour of the day. Instead the first half hour is for me.
Eddyrae X.
I prefer to read at night but i certainly read at all times of the day. I think i am less likely to read in the morning strictly because I'm lazy. I am more likely to put a show on or a podcast but I also read at all times of day lol
Erwan P.
I enjoy reading in the evening, I like to pick a time when I know the house will be quieter and I can focus better and enjoy my reading more.
Natasha T.
I read in the evening to focus my mind and relax and set my mind for a good night sleep with unwind and have good dreams if any
Maleya R.
I always read at night. There have been times when I tell myself that I’ll read during the day but I don’t concentrate very well due to the noisy environment that I’m in. Reading at night works out for me because that’s when everyone in the house is asleep and finish for the day and then it’s just me and my book.
T Ssia Q.
I do read at night or i make sure i learn somethings around me or online like google research or youtube knowledge… I also do the same doing the day around 13:00 for (30min)