How can I enjoy reading my homework?

Megna X.
Honestly speaking, from my point of view unless you enjoy it, and/or connect with it immediately then you’ll feel a certain attraction to the homework.
Tanya C.
Hmm, interesting question. I guess the answer lies in the why: why are you not enjoying reading your homework? Explore this. Is there any negative pattern of thinking behind it (for example, "I'm not good enough", or "Everyone writes better than me"). if you have negative thoughts like this, then you are having cognitive distortions which prevent you from enjoying reading your work and therefore, having this question. If, on the other hand, you don't feel the enjounmnet of you work, then is there something you can improve? Remember, everything you do is a work in progress. Your abilities are not fixed but malleable. So you might have to think of what small steps you can take in order to improve your ability, if this is the issue. From your question, I suspect is the first, through – you lack enjoyment because you're perhaps overly critical to yourself. So here is a question for you: if your best friend had thoughts about themselves similar to yours, what would you do to help them feel better?

Be kind to yourself. You're enough.

If you're struggling with negative thoughts or negative self beliefs, here are two books I highly recommend:

Mindset by Carol Dweck
Feeling Good by David Burns.

You've got this.:)

Judy P.
JUST DO IT. or as I read in one book, when you combine what you like to do with what you don't like, you can do task easily. For example, you can do it while listening Ambient music. Second is reward yourself, for example, if you like to watch series or play game after reading your homework you can do it.
I hope it helps.