¿ Can it be ok to put music while reading ?

Caterine N.
Actually yes, becouse for some people music is a very helpfull method to concentrate. I recommend you to listen to jazz music or meditation music while you are studying.
Oliver Z.
I feel that it is definitely okay to listen to music while reading. I find it more immersive and sometimes, a certain playlist can help set the mood even further for whatever it is you are reading. Reading with music, in my opinion, is like stepping out of reality and into a world of my own.
Lance Z.
Well, yes. It is okay to put music while reading, music helps one understand itself better. Reading is a monotone right of the use of imagination bringing music to it adds up the fun and the feelings and emotions that are expressed in the book, Reading is already the use of imagination. It is 100% okay to read with music it is your imagination + a more expressed feeling that can be found in the music you will be reading with creating sort of a MOVIE.